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We help students from preschool till Grade 12 fulfill their maximum potential by providing a balanced online Montessori education. The preschool level accepts learners aged 2.5 till 4 years old all year round. For more information regarding our program set up, click here.

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The Aftermath of Covid-19 in the Education Industry

By: BootcampRankings

As human beings, we were not mentally and physically prepared for the effects of coronavirus on the world. It has been a difficult time for everyone; for the economy, health, and every aspect of daily life. The “new normal” is a style of work in which we all try to carry out daily activities but amid the pandemic. Going to work and studying are tasks that you can now do from home.

How big were the changes in the education industry? The inevitable impact of the virus led schools and universities to a period of experimentation that, honestly, has left positive and negative results as the case may be. In this article, we will explore how life has changed after the arrival of the coronavirus for schools, universities, and courses around the world. Read More…

The Senior High School Difference