Professional Academy for Culinary Education

MIS is proud of its partnership with the Professional Academy for Culinary Education (PACE), one of the foremost names in culinary training. With its impressive winning record in the Philippine Culinary Cup, PACE trains culinary students to conform to high local and international standards of culinary skill through its Diploma courses. Qualified students are assessed by the TESDA and are awarded a National Certificate II (NCII) upon passing the assessment.

Together, PACE and MIS have developed a Culinary Arts program for Senior High School. In this one-of-a-kind venture, MIS teaches the core and applied subjects, while PACE teaches the specialization subjects in Culinary Arts, using a version of its Diploma course. MIS PACE students are expected to take the TESDA assessment for NC II. Thus, at the end of the 2-year program, not only do these students graduate with a Senior High School Diploma; they also graduate with a PACE Culinary Arts Diploma AND an NC II!

Truly a radical approach, the Culinary Arts program is for students who are interested in making a career out of hotel and restaurant management, cooking and baking.