Junior High School Program

The Junior High School Program continues to instill the sense of responsible freedom that the youth learned during their elementary years. At the same time, it prepares them to become responsible, self-reliant, mature, adaptable and global citizens.

Maturing students need to find out things for themselves and have direct experiences to maximize self-awareness as future members of society. To respond to this, the academic program is supplemented with a work study program (WSP) in the 8th and 9th grades. Similar to the Work Immersion Program in Senior High School, WSP is primarily conducted in venues preferably aligned with the student’s interests and future career. Experiences in the WSP help students decide whether or not their chosen career paths are suitable to their interests, inclinations and temperament. This ultimately helps them choose the correct Senior High School track in preparation for college.

Finally, the students’ need for creative self-expression, competition and societal acceptance is fulfilled through interest-based clubs, a healthy dose of athletic and outdoor recreation activities, and yearly major artistic projects.