The Montessori Difference

The Montessori approach was developed by Italian physician and educator Maria Montessori. Her years of research in pedagogy and working with special children led her to the conclusion that education is more than just the imparting of knowledge: it is the development of the human potential.

At Montessori Integrated School, we believe that in order for a child to reach his full potential, he must spend his formative years in an environment where he can learn at his own pace. During this time, he must be surrounded by teachers who focus on his individual needs and characteristics, and who guide him on his own natural path of learning.

The Montessori method emphasizes the child. Instead of being a passive receiver of instruction, the child is guided and learns at his own pace. The school becomes an environment where a child develops the foundation for learning and leadership, making him better prepared for the challenges of life beyond school.

The Montessori method supports the development of skills that are part of the learning process: not the memorization of facts, but the mastering of the learning process for use in all areas of study and of life.