2020 started with a literal bang when Taal Volcano erupted on January 12th. While ashfall coated many far-flung areas, including Antipolo, it was the surrounding towns and provinces of Taal that experienced the most devastation. Thousands immediately evacuated their homes, leaving their communities mired in volcanic debris.

MIS parents and students responded to a widespread call for donations by speedily dropping off toiletries, blankets, and food tins. Many parents gave cash.  On January 24th, school representatives from the Junior High Student Council, the Guidance Office and the Elementary Department turned over the donations to Father Sandy Enhaynes, parish priest of San Pedro Calungsod parish church in Antipolo. In turn, the school’s donations would be brought to needy barangays in Batangas.

It will take many moons for the communities around Taal to achieve some sense of normality and get their lives back. The MIS donation drive is but one small way of helping Taal victims recover their strength and spirit.