The Grade 12 students enrolled in the Culinary Arts strand of the MIS were recently assessed by the TESDA and awarded National Certificates (NC) 2 in Cookery. This important certification means that the eight students showed off the skills necessary to gain employment in the food and restaurant industry.  All eight students now have the qualifications to work right after graduation from Senior High School if they choose to do so. In acquiring NC 2, these students have achieved the ideals of the K-12 initiative – to acquire the skills, abilities and knowledge that will enable a Senior High School graduate to either continue to university and higher education, to gain employment, or to set up their own businesses.

Congratulations to the Professional Academy for Culinary Education (PACE), our partner school and the leader in culinary education and management, for the successful preparation of the students and achieving a 100% passing rate!

To our MIS-PACE students, congratulations!