(written for the 80th birthday of MIS Founder and President, Sylvia Lazo)

The greatest sign of success for a teacher… is to be able to say, ’The children are now working as if I did not exist.’ – Maria Montessori.


As a student of Montessori, these words can only mean so much to the hearts of those who choose to accept them, and I feel like we all should. Firstly, we’d like to just simply wish Dr. Lazo a wonderful birthday, and many more birthdays to come. We’re truly forever grateful for the things you have done to spread education and peaceful teachings to the generations to come.

I think I can speak for most of the student body when I say that, we’ve truly grown to adore this as our second home. This place has become a beacon of care and love, thanks to the students that inhabit the school, to the teachers that teach those who are still growing, and especially to Dr. Sylvia G. Lazo and her family for putting the most amount of care and effort into nourishing this school.

We celebrated Mrs Lazo’s birthday alongside our Araw ng Wika festival on August 29th. It was a day of momentous occasion! A day filled with fun, food, and general celebration for the two amazing events taking place at the same time. The birthday was even hosted by the presidents of both senior and junior high! Huge shout-out to Hans Santiago, our editor-in-chief and junior high president, for hosting this wonderful event! 

Once more, we’d just like to thank you Dr. Lazo for giving us the education and home we need in order to thrive and to reach our goals. We will continue to honor the school’s name, thank you once again. Happy birthday and we wish you many more years of happiness and love! 

 by: Trey Garcia