Lo and behold! The dreaded week of exams has arrived! 

Prior to our event, Araw ng Wika, wherein students of all grades work in unity to compose a performance of various national elements to represent and celebrate the national language, we are to face an obstacle, taking a step back from preparations.

As the quarter and the first half of the semester draws to a close, this is the part where we complete the last of our requirements to make way for our studies. It has been a long 2 months, and if you are reading this right now then hooray! You made it! (-You are going to make it!)

While the (upgraded) academic criteria encourages you to work harder, bringing in a new concept namely, Highest Honors, it is natural for students to feel intimidated at the least. That shouldn’t hinder you and your beliefs in what you are capable of doing.

Now if you’re certain that you’ll fail, think again. There is no certainty in certainty, and nothing is for certain until you make it happen yourself. Focus on the task ahead and take a deep breath, hold it for 2 seconds, and breathe out. Now, go get your notes and read that chapter you promised yourself to read. 

Good luck to everyone! 

by: Halley Tungol