This was an experience, and also a good memory for us all. This journey was utterly short, but the outcome of the whole trip was something worth the hours spending. The first destination was the famous Pinto Art Gallery of Antipolo. Pinto Art is no stranger to almost all the people in Antipolo. It is one great and educational venue for all forms of outing activities, be it with family, friends, and even just by yourself.

The next destination was PACE, short for the Philippine Academy for Culinary Education. This academy is the partner institution of MIS, and it offers the Culinary Arts diploma, whose subjects are credited to the Senior High School curriculum. Our class took part in “Kitchen Trials”, an activity to introduce us to the world of chefs.

My batch mates were tasked to cook Pasta Pomodoro, an Italian meal that is made of pasta and pure tomato sauce. It was a very exciting and fun experience to make the Pasta. Even though making the dish was exhausting, it was still fun to make and eventually worth it at the end because we were able to eat what we had cooked.

After the cooking the Pomodoro, we then watched a movie called “Chef”. It was about this talented chef who was then criticised by a major critic, went through many challenges, and eventually ended up setting up the restaurant he was born to run.

We all enjoyed every single second from Pinto Art to PACE and back to school.Overall, this experience is one to remember!

The tour was utterly short, but the memories and lessons will echo through our lifetime.