By: Hyunbin Kim

The CAPSAA (City of Antipolo Private Schools Administrator’ Association) sports is a grassroots member-school competition held annually, where players from various schools compete against one another. There are many age groups fighting for the honor of their schools.Winners get to move up and compete in either local, regional or national-level tournaments, with the eventual goal of representing the country in competitions.

This school year, numerous students from the campus represented our school at this annual event. Many fought for the honor of our school, and many came back with victories and honour. Here are the sports our representatives fought in.


In chess, we had two representatives in the Junior High School Department, Luiz Legaspi and Francis Bawa. These boys had the honour of representing our school and tried their best. Our Student Council’s President, Luiz Legaspi, won the gold medal with a score of 5 – 0 (5 Wins and 0 losses) and is now is a qualifier for the CAPSAA CALABARZON Provincial Competition. Win or lose, they both tried their best and represented our school in the annual event.


Recently, our PE teachers, Sir Martin and Sir Hugo, closely observed the plays of girls during their PE Futsal classes. The PE teachers chose the best Futsal players among the Junior High School Department and held an elimination event to select the best of the best among the women futsal players. The elimination event tested the abilities of the players in order to choose the best among the masses.

Forty players were invited to join the event, and in the end, only twelve players were chosen as the players for the futsal team to be competed with other schools. The team was then named as the PE Selection. The team consists of twelve women futsal players, accordingly Faye Flores, Czarina Orlino, Colleen Timog, Danielle Bound, Sharie Agustin, Sabrina Rodolfo, Kaori Grospe, Naomi Grospe, April Harion, Bleue Claro, and Karla Agapito.

This recently-made team had the honor of representing our school during the CAPSAA event and went head-on with Assumption Antipolo’s varsity football team. The match ended with an unfortunate loss with a score of 5 – 1 (in favor of Assumption Antipolo), but it does not mean that the journey of this elite team is over.

Hope to see more of their matches soon!


Our school also competed in basketball in the local competition of CAPSAA. Our school fought against three schools (Memorial High School, Infant Jesus Academy, and Antipolo Lady Lourdes School). Unfortunately, our school’s fledgling team lost to all three schools.
When will their comeback be?
Go, MIS!


The MIS Badminton team has never disappointed our school. In the High School Department, the members are Axl Villegas, JM Asis, Noel Baquero, Ethan Macalibog, and Yeshua Perez. It seems like they’ve been training very hard lately, because four out of five of these mentioned players qualified for the CAPSAA Regionals!

Here are the following scores:

JM Asis and Ethan Macalibog vs Sumulong Memorial High School (Doubles), FINAL 35 – 21 (WIN)

Axl Villegas (MIS) vs Sumulong Memorial High School (Singles), 30 – 11 (WIN)

Yeshua Perez vs SPI 30 – 4 (WIN), Yeshua Perez vs Diadem 30 – 7 (WIN), Yeshua Perez vs Rich Golden Shower FINALS 24 – 30 (LOSS)

Noel Baquero vs Pleasant Mount School 30 – 4 (WIN), Noel Baquero vs Antipolo Faith Christian School FINALS 30 – 6 (WIN)

Congratulations to all participants, especially to the CAPSAA Provincials Qualifiers!


As for this writing, the MIS Swimming Team, the Renegades, have not yet competed for the CAPSAA Tournament. We wish them luck!