What do I want to be when I grow up?

To explore that question, the students of Grade 9 embarked on a tour to three different places to learn about various job opportunities and the deeper process about how some careers function.

The first part of the tour had us visit GMA Network, which was founded by Felipe Gozon. We got to explore several parts of the station which included: the news stations, editing rooms, and radio rooms. We even got to see the rehearsals for one of their new musical variety shows. The people at GMA recommended some college courses for people who want to take up certain jobs for the networking business/showbiz. We got to learn about the financial side of things, as well as the on-set handiwork.

Our next stop landed us at PAG-ASA (Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical Astronomical Services Administration), which was founded on December 8, 1972. We were treated to a powerpoint presentation that showcased the various heat signals of weather anomalies. A very important job that could save thousands of lives, PAG-ASA helps forewarn people about impending weather disasters. Not all heroes wear capes; some simply use technology to inform large media sites to warn others.

Our last destination was the main office of LRT, and for any of those interested in engineering, this could be the place for them. We learned about the inner mechanisms of railways, the conducting of the trains, and we even got to visit the train yard to see the trains operate up close. We got glimpses of the monitoring systems used to make sure that the trains operate according to plan.

The tour was an interesting trip for us to take, especially those interested in one of the three showcased fields. This trip allowed us to fully understand what it takes to work in certain areas, and the extra inside layers that we were never privileged to see before.

By: Trey Garcia