By: Miguel Luis Legaspi

53 years old. That is how old the Montessori Children’s House (MCH) is. Its birthday was held on September 22nd with our very own MCH students, their parents, and families. The Parents Organization also helped celebrate the occasion. During this event, the MCH also hosted an outreach program for the nearby community that fed 100 children and adults with donations coming from the families of the MCH department.

The event started with a mass for the blessing of the MCH department’s 53rd birthday. During the mass, the MCH pupils were the main attraction, singing and dancing to the delight of their parents. The children also serenaded their families with praise songs after the mass. Afterwards, the families went back to the MCH area and began eating their lunch with their kids. Come to think of it, this event was more of a family bonding, and that’s what made this event so beautiful.

I was 5 years old when I first entered MCH, and that was 11 years ago. I am honored to see this department still progressing into something better than before. Seeing every little kid from MCH grow up, and start their first day of elementary, and even seeing them graduate, is one of the main things that makes MIS worth staying for. Seeing our beloved President Ms. Lazo age, and yet still look young, is more of a sign that MIS will last forever and that it will echo through the ages. MCH will always be one of my first homes, and witnessing its 53rd birthday makes me feel lucky and very blessed.

MCH is one solid foundation;it’s more of a back bone for MIS. It gave birth to MIS; that is how valuable the MCH department is! For it to reach 53 years with no damage, still holding strong and looking beautiful is something to be very proud of, for all Montessorians out there. That is a huge blessing to us all. MCH will truly be in our hearts forever.