Written By: Pau Santor

Araw ng Wika was an event that happened on August 29-31. It was filled with activities, challenges, and fun times. The event took place inside school.

The competitions that were held on Thursday (August 30) were the streetdance and the classroom decorations/exhibit. The students had about 2-3 weeks of preparation. Believe it or not, the Grade 10 students (Seniors) won both competitions!

The Seniors roared when the winner was announced and together, they even yelled “Seniors!” to show their pride and fighting spirits. They faced numerous challenges and during the preparation, stress levels went high and everyone was pressured. The advisers of the Grade 10 students were also stressed and pressured. After hearing and learning that they won it all, pride, joy, and relief filled their emotions. The effort, pressure, stress, and the cramming that the students experienced were all worth it!