We all know about the importance of going green – that taking steps to decrease our carbon footprint by adopting renewable sources of energy goes a long way towards saving Mother Earth. Using LED lights, segregating rubbish and thinking twice before adding to the garbage (umm, do you really need to use a drinking straw?) are just some of the many ways mankind can help to make our environment cleaner. But what about going the extra step? What about going solar?

Last August 2018, MIS signed an agreement with SolarNRG Trading B.V., a company registered in the Netherlands and the Asia Society for Social Improvement and Sustainable Transformation Inc. (ASSIST) to pilot the implementation of durable and cost-efficient solar panels in MIS. The school is fortunate to have been chosen as a site for a public-private partnership project (PPP) called accessRE, or Promoting Access to Solar Energy Solutions for Small Buildings in the Philippines. This relevant project aims to tackle the energy needs of the country through solar energy adoption, by targeting the untapped segment of small- and medium-sized buildings. accessRE was established by DEG Germany, SolarNRG and ASSIST.

Under this project, SolarNRG will set up the solar panels and equipment, ASSIST will support SolarNRG in all stages of solar panel system installation, and MIS will promote awareness about renewable energy through workshops and campaigns. The project will commence in the last quarter of the year.

MIS is very proud to have been chosen as a partner for such a relevant project. The school looks forward to carrying out its role as a beacon for solar energy in Antipolo and Rizal.