Written By: Miguelito Maravilla
Photographer: Carmela Rivera

The much-awaited experience returned this year! As part of our culminating activity for the TLE subject, our job was to set and skirt the tables, design the room and to serve the food that was going to be prepared by Grade 9 students.

Since this activity was held in the month of August, our theme for our culminating activity was Filipino, to be in line with Buwan ng Wika. We were to design the room Filipino style and our table cloth were to be colors that represent our nation.


We started working as early as we could because of all that needs to be done. Each of us had a role and we all worked together to finish everything. There were people designing the room, there were some skirting the table, some were fixing the decorations and the live band that was set to perform while we were serving our guests were practicing already. Each one of us worked together as one.

When we finished everything, everybody wore their Filipino- inspired outfits. It was time to serve. The buffet table was lined up and we waited for our guests to arrive. As Doctor Monica, Ms. Sheila and Teacher Jen arrived, ushers escorted them to the room where they were greeted with a warm and exciting welcome. They were given sampaguita bracelets as a souvenir. Once they were seated, we served them their soup that was prepared by the Grade 9 students. While eating, they were able to enjoy our live band namely, ‘Banda ni Collin’.


After they finished their soup, we served them their main course and dessert. Other guests started to arrive and they were also ushered to their tables. After we finished serving all of our guests even though we were tired and hungry, the look of satisfaction on their faces made it all worthwhile for our culminating activity.