Written By: Miguelito Maravilla


August 23, 2017 was the day we brought smiles to lots of children and parents. We were pulled out of our salu-salo that we were having for our Araw ng Wika celebration to help with an important task. We were needed to carry the extra food that the teachers asked students to bring for the MIS outreach program. These were to be distributed among the children in the Parish of the Immaculate Heart of Mary church, near Hinulugang Taktak. When we finished loading the food in the back of the van, the teachers asked some student council officers to come with them to the church to assist in distributing the food. Three of us in the high school department were included with some of the officers in the elementary department.

At the church, we unloaded the van. Then, we carried the food to the basement of the church, realizing there were lots of children and parents waiting. Seeing this, we got more excited to bring them the food. When all the food was downstairs, Ms. Eyzell greeted all the children and parents and introduced us one by one. We were then asked to help serve the kids instead of them coming to the table, to keep everything organized.


We proceeded to serve them one by one, and seeing them happy made us feel content and blessed. We were also happy that we could bring smiles to lots of children and parents. We did not expect that almost all the food would be consumed, and in the end, they were grateful and gave us thanks. We waved goodbye to them and we went back to the school. It truly was a great and unforgettable experience.