Written By: Ghrazielle Rei De Ramos

It is important to familiarize ourselves on the things happening around us, especially those events that could greatly affect not only our lives but those of other living organisms as well. Specifically speaking, we must be fully aware of the different natural disasters that could immensely damage and affect every inhabitant of Earth.

Our country is prone to various natural disasters that hit frequently in different locations with great intensities. This article is about the common precautions on how to prevent dramatic losses and survive when such natural disasters occur. These different disasters that usually hit our country are as follows:

1) Earthquake
2) Tsunami
3) Volcanic Eruption
4) Typhoon
5) Flood
6) Landslide

When a disaster hits, we need to think fast on how to survive, but it is not enough to guarantee one’s survival. Everyone must learn how to: Plan, Identify, Practice, and Store prior to the disaster when the nature is still on your side.

Plan on how you will communicate with your family members when a certain disaster occurs by making a family emergency communication plan.

Identify places where you can run to and stay for safety depending on the disasters that may occur, such as an open field in case the disaster is an Earthquake.

Practice different life saving actions or methods for different disasters as often as you can. An example is the “Drop, Cover, and Hold On!” to protect oneself from falling debris during an Earthquake. When a disaster occurs, these actions and methods will simply come in a form of reflex.

Store emergency supplies such as water and medicines on a small and handy emergency bag that you may easily carry when a disaster hits suddenly.

Doing the common disaster precautions, PIPS, while the nature is still tamed would probably save you and your family when the mentioned disasters hit. Truly, it is better to be ready than to be sorry.


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