Written By: Alexander Isaiah T. Samonte
Photograph By: Jonahmae C. Carzon

Oath-of-the-New-LeadersThe 21st of July 2017 was another historical day for Montessori Integrated School. On this day, the newly elected club and classroom officers, CROW editors and most importantly, HS Student Council officers for school year 2017-2018 took their oath. All of them gathered in front of the High School Bldg. and raised their right hands. It was truly a day worth witnessing.

This school year’s HS Student Council President is Renee Alyanna C. Sanchez of Grade 10-B. The Vice President is Miguelito Maravilla who is from Grade 10-B also.

“Good morning. I’m Renee Alyanna C. Sanchez, and thank you for trusting me [so much] that I am now standing before you as the President of the High School Student Council. Last school year, the SC’s project regarding segregation was quite successful but very experimental. This year, we are planning to strictly enforce segregation and penalties are to be given to batches that won’t follow. The money to be collected will go straight into the SC’s funds. We also want to showcase the works of the school newspaper CROW by giving out hard copies at least once a month if approved. This school year, let’s help out the community surrounding us and not only the people within our school by pushing through[with] fundraising events. Let us not cage ourselves, and reach out to those in need by cooperating with the student council’s projects. Together, hopefully, we could make this school year fruitful, and let’s make it enjoyable and fun for everyone. Thank you and have a good day.”

The project regarding hard copies for school newspaper was actually approved, to be given out once every quarter.

This school year’s Student Council Secretary, Treasurer and PRO are Alexander Isaiah T. Samonte, Ara Cabungan, and Adriane Dave Fernandez respectively. Alexander is also this school year’s Editor-in-Chief for CROW. Along with him are Ghrazielle Rei De Ramos and Miguel Legaspi as Managing Editors, Miguelito Maravilla and Angela Lauryne F. Javier as News Editors, Max Burce and Trey Carlos as Feature Editors, Pauline Santor and Jessica Tolentino as Literary Editors, Ainah Sanchez and Carren Misha Cruz as Sports Editors, Aerielle Ong and Kallila Tañedo as Cartoonists and finally, Jonahmae C. Carzon and Colleen Timog as Photographers.

Let’s support our new leaders and hope that they can deliver a memorable school year for everyone! Thank you!