The Next Generation-the Light of the World
By: Ruth Ann Celones (Gr 6)

Everywhere we look we see war… war… war! It’s been the response for misunderstanding and differences…. Where is love? Where is peace?  High-tech nuclear bombs… latest invented guns and weapons of mass destruction… they have been the symbols of power and pride in this era. This world that was once so beautiful has been stinking with bombs and other nuclear weapons of destruction. Country against country, ally against ally, nation against nation. The question is still in the air; why? What about the future of innocent children?

God created this beautiful world not for war, but for peace, so that His children may enjoy it. Children like you and me. What can we do?  Are we really too small and helpless to do something for this world to be an ambassador of peace?

On 21 September 2016, the United Nations hosted its annual International Day of Peace. Montessori schools from all over the globe joined together for a special Sing Peace Around the World Celebration. The song Light a Candle for Peace began on the shores of New Zealand and continued to travel from country to country, and time zone to time zone until it reached the Hawaiian Islands 24 hours later.

In Sing Peace 2009 over 65,000 children sang for peace as one of the largest UN ‘Day of Peace’ celebrations ever. This year, Shelley Murley, a Montessori teacher and the composer and organizer of this event, invited MIS to join with fellow Montessori schools from across the earth from almost every country in the world in SingPeace 2016. This event required MIS students to sing the song Light a Candle for Peace at a designated time on Wednesday September 21, 2016.

On the day itself, the Upper Elementary Glee Club and the Third Graders stood in the quadrangle and sang for peace. The event was recorded and sent to Ms. Murley. This can also be viewed on the school’s FB page.

As the next generation, we are receiving a torch that has been passed on to us. It is up to us to do something. We can make the situation worse, or we can help promote peace and justice throughout the world. We must let all the people in the world see this, so they can be inspired to help make our wish of world peace come true. You may not see it right now but we can do this, if we unite. Our small voices will be powerful forces that will make a huge difference in this world. Let our words be an inspiration to others longing for peace, like us, because we choose love over hatred.