Garbage Segregation in MIS
By: Llona Canonizado (Gr. 6) and Ruth Ann Celones (Gr 6)
The Philippines is known for its beautiful attractions and sites, but everywhere we go, we see litter. Why don’t most of the people dispose their trash properly? This is one of the problems we are facing right now. Currently, only 11% of the total amount of waste in Metro Manila is being segregated. If garbage is not disposed of properly, this results in pollution and could also cause serious health problems. To prevent these problems, we should join hands in saving our environment.
The Elementary and High School Departments are working together on a “Garbage Segregation” project. Students segregate their trash into 4 categories: 1) paper, 2) plastic bottles and cups, 3) residual waste, and 4) food waste. During snack time, assistant monitors bring out segregated classroom trash. During lunch time, monitors take their turn in collecting segregated waste from the classrooms. Finally, after dismissal, Student Council officers sort out the trash together with Ms. Belle Alarilla, Elementary PL teacher.
Some of you may be asking why we need to segregate our garbage. There are several good reasons why we need to do so. Aside from the fact that it would help in the cleanliness of the environment, it would as well benefit us in several ways. One is that, it would increase the recycling rate and this will benefit us financially because we are able to sell the plastic bottles, plastic cups, papers, boxes and metal containers to the junk shop. Another thing is that, we can create recycled things such as lamps, pouches, etc. out of the recycled materials and we could either keep them for personal use or even sell this for extra income. Only pure biodegradable waste can produce enough energy and this technology is used in the Philippines. In addition, proper segregation is the basic requirement for waste incineration and there are incineration plants with almost zero emission, but they only work when the waste is segregated.
Waste segregation is the gateway to a better future for our Earth. We only have one planet, so we must do everything to save it. So, what are we waiting for? Let us all act like superheroes for our Mother Earth!