Last August 28, 2016, the MIS Taekwondo Team participated in the Milo Little Olympics NCR leg at the Marikina Sports Complex. The NCR leg is for the selection of the best players among the NCR to compete at the National Milo Little Olympics.

Eight students — Ram Calma, Yomiko Santos, Samantha Orlino, Miguel Beruenger, BJ Vispo, Jarod Fernando, Brian Castillo and Ian Castillo — from the MIS Taekwondo Varsity Team competed in this said event. One was able to bring home the bacon.

The Team Captain, Samantha Orlino, won gold in the light-middle category. In her first fight, also the most intense, the scores were very close, 8 – 5. Sam scoring 8 and her opponent scoring 5. At the last second of their fight, her opponent hit Sam’s head which tied their scores, 8-8. However, due to the large number of deductions given to her opponent, Orlino was granted 1 point which made her win the match. Her second fight, which was her fight for bronze, was against Arellano University. After 2 rounds of her fight against AU, both opponents finished with the score of 2-2. They were given an additional round called sudden death, which means the first one to score is the winner. Sam was able to score first. This round was her ticket to the finals.

During her final match, the fight for gold, her opponent was from Diliman Preparatory School. Their match was so safe because both players did not want to risk making the first kick. The match was won by Sam with the score of 2-0.

Samantha’s gold medal in the NCR leg was her ticket to the Milo Little Olympics Nationals. This will be held in Baguio. Together with her fellow gold medalists from the different categories, Orlino will be representing NCR in the Nationals. Congratulations, Sam! Go, MIS!

Report by: Yomiko Santos (Grade 10)