by: Joseanne Perez (Gr 10)

Last July 29, 2016, the Junior High School students watched a special screening of Brilliante Mendoza’s film, Taklub. The film was about the aftermath of Typhoon Yolanda in Tacloban. It also showed the problems the survivors were going through. But how did it impact the viewers?

At the beginning of the film, you can already feel the pity in your heart for those who suffered the typhoon. You’d feel as if you were with them during the calamity and you just want to reach your arms out into the screen to hug them. The film made its viewers realize all the hardships the people in Tacloban went through. How it wasn’t easy for them to recover. How they are still suffering even after a year since the disaster.

Taklub also made us realize that calamities can bring out the best and worst in people. It was great to see that all of the survivors didn’t have second thoughts when it comes to helping out one another. Whether it may be sharing food or raising funds for the less fortunate ones, everyone would help out. Although, there were also some people who’d lose hope, there were people who got submerged in sadness. Nevertheless, Filipinos are still lions. We are strong and brave, and these calamities often brings out these characteristics.

It was deeply saddening for us to see our fellow Filipinos go through that disaster. They didn’t deserve that, no one does. The film made us realize that we are lucky among others. While we are living comfortable lives, some are struggling to get back what was lost. This is why we should always lend a helping hand. We never know when we ourselves will need that hand, one day.