About Us

School Profile

MIS is a Montessori school and one of the pioneers in Montessori Education in the Philippines. It caters to children from the preschool level (from 2-6 years) until the high school level. It also caters to pupils who have special educational needs who can eventually be mainstreamed into the regular school system. Currently, the school serves a total of almost 600 students.

Our Vision

The total development of self-reliance & independence in the invidual during the formative years, from early childhood to adolescence, through success-oriented & relevant experience in the five areas of learning.

Areas of Learning

  1. Self-help
  2. Perpetual Motor
  3. Socialization
  4. Oral & written Communication
  5. Spiritual


Educational Features

  • Mixed-level classes in Preschool and Elementary
  • Individualized Work Program
  • Music & Movement in preschool and kinder
  • Psychological Assessment & Diagnostic Group Tests
  • Learning Enhancement and Assistance Program (LEAP) for children with special needs in Elementary and High School
  • Special subjects (Practical Living in Elementary till High School,
  • Work Study Program (for High School)
  • Information Technology (in partnership with Tech Factors, Inc.)
  • Camping Activities (Preschool till High School)
  • Highly visible Parent-Teacher partnership