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Senior High School ABM, GAS and HUMSS

Senior High School ABM, GAS, HUMSS and STEM

Senior High School ABM, GAS, HUMSS and STEM

Montessori develops the human potential, and this makes all the difference when your child enters Senior High School. It is in this environment that your child prepares for the challenges that will come once they leave school.
Senior High School, or Grades 11 and 12, is a two-year period when adolescents are given opportunities to equip themselves for college, and acquire new skills that will help them gain employment and open their own businesses.

Montessori Integrated School gives your children the flexibility to develop their potential through several options for their Senior High School education. By giving your child the chance to develop skills that are suited to his interests, his training will be custom-fitted to the one that best prepares him for all areas of study and life.

Montessori Integrated School will teach the core and applied subjects of Senior High School following the curriculum guides of the Department of Education. An academic adviser from among its faculty, staff or an expert in the student’s area/s of interest will guide and monitor the student, especially preparing him to identify a specialization and the electives which would support it.

Electives may be chosen from among the various programs being offered by MIS and its partners.