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Feature & Literary Articles

Feature & Literary Articles


Recently it has come to many people’s attention that the Amazon rainforest has been burning for the past 3 weeks. The cause for this was a mixture of forest fires that are plaguing the Amazon forest as we speak. Now apparently the fires have gotten exponentially worse that NASA has seen the smoke from space,  and this has covered the sky of resident cities near the Amazon. 

The Amazon rainforest releases 20% of the Earth’s oxygen, so this fire can cause a major impact on the climate and the earth in general. Wildlife will be destroyed, and global warming will increase exponentially because of this disastrous event that will no doubt change the world. 

It  is hard to know what to do as a student because of how big these disasters are compared to what we do, but the little things matter as well. The discipline to take care of our environment is crucial and the small things like segregation, watching what you eat, and just over all being aware of your one’ssurroundings will make a big difference to our planet’s health.

By: Elijah V. Webb